Adventures in the life of Morgan: The time Kogan invited me for ice cream 

omfg so my mom sends me to the grocery store today and I was like 'shit I hate going to the damn grocery' because I have to buy tons of stuff and it’s a pain and uggg i just hate it ok and it’s my 18 and a half birthday I shouldn’t have to be at the stupid grocery. but I put on a smile, took her long ass list of things she wanted me to buy and I headed out. 

First of all. There’s a fucking detour. And my 10 minute ride to the store turned into 35 minute one so I was pissed by the time I got there and I like stomp into the store and grab a cart and start shopping and I was halfway done with my mom’s list when I round the corner so I can get to the meat dept. and I almost run smack into this gay couple debating over chicken breast I swear to god.


KENDALL AND LOGAN. I’m not even joking the blonde even had Kendall’s rat tail going on and he was wearing a plaid shirt and jeans and I was like "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME"

So here I am, in awe of these guys who are still arguing and it was the CUTEST thing I was dying bc MY SHIPPER HEART OK and the Kendall one spins around because the Logan-look-alike was eyeballing me over his shoulder and says “I’m sorry, are we in your way…? My partner here is being awfully difficult about the stupid chicken which doesn’t actually matter because its CHICKEN” and he scoffed back at the Logan guy who says “Actually, it does matter and if you don’t let me buy the kind I want, you can walk home.”

And the Kendall one didn’t even glance at him he just kept smiling at me and rolled his eyes and said “Maybe you can help us-“

and the Logan boy said “No, Nate leave her alone-“

and I was like ummmmmmmm I’d be an idiot not to get in on this (because I’ve never actually seen gay men at the grocery store arguing over chicken before) and I said “Well, what are you guys making? I’m not a chicken expert but I buy the store brand if we are baking it and the Perdue kind if we are grilling or frying… My mother said its better for whatever reason..” and the Logan guy grins SO big at me and says “We’re grilling it! So I get to buy the kind I wanted in your face Nate!” 

and Nate (he’s actually Kendall in another life I swear) throws his hands up and says “Fine Logan, whatever, to me it’s just chicken.” and I ALMOST PUKED OK I HAD TO GRAB THE SIDE OF MY CART TO REMAIN STANDING THE LOGAN LOOK ALIKE’S NAME WAS ACTUALLY LOGAN.

And LOGAN says “But to me, it’s impressing your family, so there.” and he put a bunch of it in his cart and I suddenly blurted out “You two are literally the cutest thing ok I’m sorry if that’s kind of forward of me but you really are.”

And Nate started laughing and said “Really? A lot of people don’t think that… Most people don’t like us because we’re gay…”

And I said “Welp, I don’t have a problem with it and you guys are really adorable and I hope the family impressing goes well!”

and Logan says “Thanks! See babe, we bonded with a local over chicken!” and he wraps his arm around Nate’s waist and I’m literally sobbing on the inside ok but I managed to say “You aren’t from around here..?”

So Logan tells me about how they are here on vacation (they live in Connecticut but Nate is originally from Ohio) and Nate’s mom and Dad live an hour away from the lake house they are renting for the week so they are coming over for dinner and bringing Nate’s little sisters (All FIVE of them NO JOKE) and this is the first time they would all be having dinner together and how nervous he was about which is ‘why the chicken was a big deal’ and how Nate better be on his “best behavior or he wasn’t getting any for a month-” and then he stopped short because Nate elbowed him and I literally started cracking up and I said “That’s okay… Nothing I haven’t heard before… I ship band members-” and then I stopped short because omg here I am having a conversation with two gay boys who look EXACTLY like Kendall and Logan and I just brought shipping into it.

But Nate says “My sister who’s 17 told me about that! Have you heard of Big Time Rush? She tells me that she ships Kogan, Kendall and Logan, because it reminds her of us!”


I was like “A-are you serious? I am the biggest Kogan shipper on the face of the planet!” And I showed them my Big Time Rush bracelets from the show and Nate says “No way! Have you met them?” and I said “Yep! I’ve been to three concerts and I met them in July! Kendall’s my favorite btw, the one I’m assuming reminds your sister of you Nate.” And Logan goes “Yeah yeah everybody loves that Kendall guy. Nobody ever loves that Logan dude…” And he crossed his arms and started to pout and Nate says “But I love a Logan!” and he kissed him really quick and that’s when I was seriously questioning my sanity ok

And so Nate says, “I hope this isn’t too forward of me but if you’re around later tonight, we are going to take my sisters to get ice cream tonight and walk on the Main Street Beach and I’m sure that my Kogan-shipping sister would LOVE to meet you!”

And I honestly agreed to meet them at the ice cream parlor at 8 OK MY LIFE IS A JOKE BECAUSE KOGAN INVITED ME FOR ICE CREAM


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